About Tall Hill Upcycled

Why Upcycled?

When you buy my upcycled goods, you get beautiful, unique products while supporting a movement to keep usable items out of the landfills and in our homes. Enrich your life while reducing your footprint.  

Who am I?

My name is Tallulah Hill. I carefully craft every piece in my shop with repurposed materials in my home studio in North Carolina. Paper is my meditation and always has been. I love to try new things with my crafts and push the boundaries of my capabilities. If you can modify it with paper, I'm interested. Most of my products use paper and glue, but I also use salvaged, thrifted and gifted materials with a few items being purchased new but recycled when possible.
Paper art is a medium I hold close to my heart. I enjoy it as often as I can and always make my items by hand. Repurposed paper crafting is a niche that I landed in organically.
When I was a little girl, my dad worked at a printing press. Tons of the off cuts and misprints ended up at our house for my siblings and I to use. I was constantly surrounded by paper that was good enough to use but wouldn't have been otherwise. Throughout elementary school, my uncle would come over on the weekends, and we would make origami together. Throughout high school and college, my free time was largely spent collaging. I used it as an emotional outlet and for self expression.
I later began expanding my paper endeavors, trying as many paper crafts as I had time for. In the decade since college, I have tried countless paper crafts, and have landed on a handful or so that truly move me. Many of these are available in my shop.